Personalized Service

How We Help

Encore Senior Resources provides you with information, guidance and a seasoned hand. I personally work with each client to help them determine the next steps for their loved one.

As your senior living advisor, I am there to guide you through a successful transition from where your loved one is today, to a safer environment for the future.

Jim Humphrey performed outstandingly during the entire process. The selection of an independent living facility was a very stressful event for my wife and elderly mother.

Jim is insightful, discerning and was sensitive to this situation, going out of his way to alleviate many of my wife’s concerns and trepidations thus helping the entire matter significantly. Jim is the definitive authority on the elder care and residency market in Tucson and southern Arizona. We recommend him highly to all future clients.

–Robert, Tucson

When living at home is no longer and option,
let Encore help you make a smooth transition.

Encore’s 5 Step Approach

The following steps allow me to understand your objectives in making this transition effective and as efficient as possible:


Learning your needs and expectations is the driving force to making your experience successful. You will be encouraged to provide information about recent medical history, special interests, financial abilities, and care preferences. 


Discovery leads to identifying only those options which are most appropriate for your situation. You can expect that we may discuss several options, but usually preselect no more than four to begin. 

Focused Tour

Tours of homes and/or senior centers will be scheduled with key personnel at each property who will be briefed on your specifics and will be prepared to answer your detailed questions. Tours generally take 30- 60 minutes each. 

Review of Best Choices

After visiting your best options, we will meet privately to recap what you’ve seen and discuss your assessment of each. If we’ve found an acceptable option, then we’ll move on to making arrangements to move forward. 

If a clear choice is not apparent, then the process will continue until we’ve found the “Goldilocks choice.”


Once you’ve selected the most desirable arrangement, you will begin the paperwork and select a move-in date. 

Encore’s Referral Guidance Can Take the Stress Out of Navigating Senior Placement Options